4th Annual PWWB Grilling Series! Your Ultimate Guide to All Things Grilled.

The Plays Well With Butter Annual Grilling Series is back! Whether you are new to grilling & want to learn how to grill this summer or you're a seasoned grill master looking for some new recipes to try this grilling season, I am SO glad you're here!!!

This season you can expect: even more grilling tips, amazing marinades, easy grill recipes & how-tos for your best grilling season yet! Read on to learn all about what's in store & how to join in on the fun.

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Jess of Plays Well With Butter stands on a deck behind a stainless steel Weber Genesis II propane grill. In the background, a blossoming tree & a house with beige siding.
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Your Guide to All Things Grilled!

Here at the PWWB house, the grill is the center of our summer. There’s nothing better than escaping outside at the end of the day (trusty summer cocktail in hand, of course!) to enjoy some fresh air & grill dinner. It’s simply the best. (Even more so this season, after spending most of the past year cooped up inside!)

But, here’s the deal – I haven’t always loved grilling. For the longest time, I didn’t think I belonged behind the grill.

Grilling seemed so overwhelming & intimidating & if I’m being completely honest, I was a little scared of it.

Jess of Plays Well With Butter stands on a deck in front of a stainless steel Weber Genesis II propane grill. In the background, a blossoming tree & a house with beige siding.

In fact, I used to wait around for Chris to get home from work (or happy hour, or class, or golf league, wherever he was…) so he could light the grill & cook us dinner during the summer months. While the idea of someone else doing all the cooking all summer long may seem pretty awesome, the novelty wears off when it’s 8:30 pm & you got a text message that your resident grill master is just leaving the golf course.

So…I did what any hangry gal would – I figured out how to light the damn thing & I made myself dinner.

Who is the PWWB Grilling Series for?

Simple! The PWWB Grilling Series is for anyone looking to get more comfortable behind the grill, learn some grilling skills, & enjoy lots of amazing grilled food this summer. 🙋🏻‍♀️ We believe that everyone deserves to learn how to grill, whether you’ve been around grills your entire life or you’re a total newbie.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself…

  • “I need help with lighting the grill without burning my eyebrows off!”
  • “I am too intimidated to even try!”
  • “How do you grill veggies without burning them to a crisp?!”
  • “I don’t get the temperatures…like, it’s fire. It’s hot right?! Haha…clearly partner always grills for us…”

… then you’re in exactly the right place. (Like I said, it wasn’t long ago that I was in the same spot!)

This is your summer to learn how to grill once & for all! The PWWB Grilling Series is here to teach you grilling fundamentals (all of the amazing grilled food that comes along with it is a tasty bonus! 😋). Pretty soon you’ll be a total pro!

How to Join:

Ready to join in on the fun?! GOOD – we are thrilled to have ya!

Here’s what you’ll want to do next! (It couldn’t be simpler!)


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Ready to hit the grill?

Us too! Try some of PWWB’s Top Grilling Recipes ASAP!:

Jess of Plays Well With Butter stands on a deck in front of a stainless steel Weber Genesis II propane grill. In the background, a blossoming tree & a house with beige siding.

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