3rd Annual PWWB Grilling Series! Your Ultimate Guide to All Things Grilled.


Our PWWB Annual Grilling Series is back! Whether you are learning how to grill for the first time or looking for some new recipes to test out this summer, we’re so glad you are here! This year is our 3rd annual grilling series & we are so excited to share all of the grilling goodness we’ve got planned! This season you can expect: more grilling tips, more flavorful marinades, more easy grill recipes & how-tos, & of course, a really exciting giveaway too! Read on to learn all about what’s in store & how to join in on all of the grilling fun!

Jess of Plays Well with Butter smiling & eating a grilled Kebab

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Ever since last summer came to a close, I’ve been counting down the days until grilling season again! The time has finally come & grilling season is officially HERE. I don’t know about you, but I am HERE. FOR. IT. 

Last year, when I was planning out our summer recipes for PWWB, I asked you over on Instagram what kinds of things you like to make on your grill.

You made it immediately clear that you share my love & excitement for for all things grilled, but, just like me up until a few summers ago, you don’t feel entirely confident to hop behind the grill yourselves.

Listening to you all made it abundantly clear there needs to be more information out there about learning how to confidently get behind the grill.

Just like that, the PWWB Annual Grilling Series came to be.

What You’ll Find in this Post {Quick Links!}:

Finding My Place Behind My Grill.

Here at the PWWB house, the grill is the center of our summer. & after spending most of the past year cooped up inside our home, we LOVE being able to escape outside for some fresh air, with our favorite summer cocktail in hand, ready to fire up the grill almost every night for dinner.

To me, grilling season is just the best. I love it so much. BUT. It wasn’t always that way.

For the longest time, I really didn’t believe that I had a place behind the grill as a woman.

Jess of Plays Well With Butter using grill tongs and grilling Kebabs on a gas grill

Why? Grilling felt so overwhelming. Like…how do you even light the grill, let alone cook on it?! &, if I’m being completely honest, I was borderline scared of it. I mean…it’s literally playing with fire!

In fact, I actually used to wait around for Chris to get home from work (or happy hour, or class, or golf league…) so he could light the grill & cook us dinner during the summer months. You might think the idea of him doing all the cooking all summer long seems pretty awesome…I did too. That is, until 8:30 pm rolled around & I got a text message that he was just leaving the golf course.


It wasn’t until I jumped in & just started doing it that I realized how fun grilling can be. & now?…Grilling is hands-down one of my favorite parts of the summer season.

Everyone deserves to learn how to grill!

While most aspects of grilling seem so simple, as a woman it can sometimes feel completely freakin’ overwhelming. Why’s that? Grilling is an activity that’s marketed to men, & that is something we’re shown over & over again.

I mean…can you even count the number of commercials or glossy magazine ads you’ve seen showing a woman handing a platter of food off to the man in her life so he can grill it like a pro, with a pair of tongs in one hand & a cold beer in the other?

As women, we don’t necessarily envision ourselves behind the grill, which creates a lack of confidence to even give grilling a try.

& that’s exactly why I’ve created the PWWB Annual Grilling Series, an entire archive of grilling content centered around empowering you to find your place behind your grill this summer.

It’s time to flip the script & kiss the “Hey babe…you feel like grilling dinner tonight?” goodbye for good.

Jess of Plays Well With Butter passing a plate of freshly grilled food to her husband Chris.

So what is the PWWB Annual Grilling Series?

The PWWB Annual Grilling Series stemmed directly from YOUR grilling questions. Getting behind the grill can be intimidating at first but once you learn a few grilling tips & get the hang of the basics you will soon feel like a pro! (Like I said, it wasn’t that long ago I was in the same. exact. spot. Seriously!)

So, who is this series for?

The short answer…anyone who wants to get more comfortable behind their grill & improve their grilling skills. It is time to build confidence with grilling basics. You are in the right place if you need help with the fundamentals.

Things like…

  • “I need help with lighting the grill without burning my eyebrows off!”
  • “Show us your entire grilling process, because I am intimidated!”
  • “Can you show us how to grill meat? How do you not turn a steak into a car tire?!”
  • “How do you grill veggies without burning them to a crisp?!”
  • “I don’t get the temperatures…like, it’s fire. It’s hot right?! haha…clearly my bf/spouse/partner/whoever always grills for me…”

This is your summer to learn how to grill once & for all! We are ALL about prepping you for the upcoming grilling season. You’re not only going to learn how to grill & have access to our very best grilling tips, but you’re going to seriously own your place behind the grill.

Jess of Plays Well with Butter grilling kebabs on a gas grill.

What You’ll Learn: Starting with Grilling 101

To get you feeling familiar with your grill & ultimately confident diving into the process of learning how to grill, we like to start with sharing our very best grilling tips & tricks!

Things like…

  1. How to choose the perfect grill for you – A guide to choosing between gas & charcoal, complete with a breakdown of all of our favorite grills (+ budget-friendly options!).
  2. Must-have grilling equipment – The grilling tools you have to have on hand (& which ones you totally don’t need!).
  3. How to clean your grill – The quickest way to learn all of the ins & outs of your grill & the best way to keep your grill burning evenly & efficiently all summer long!
  4. How to light your grill – Step-by-step guides & videos to walk you through how to light & how to use a charcoal grill & a gas grill (…without burning your eyebrows off!).
  5. & Mastering 2-Zone Grilling – The grilling technique everyone needs in their arsenal & the key to juicy protein & perfect char marks every. single. time!

PWWB Grilling Recipes to last all Summer long!

Last but definitely not least, what would our Annual Grilling Series be without sharing some of our favorite recipes to test your new skills on the grill this summer?! Lucky for you, we’ve got a full line up of recipes to keep you grilling all summer long.

Things like…

I’m seriously so excited, & can’t wait for you to join me.

Keep an eye out all summer for new grilled goodness! If you want to see all the PWWB grilling recipes, check them out here.

Jess of Plays Well with Butter laughing while holding a plate of grilled food outside on her deck.

How do I join? (+ an EPIC Giveaway!!!)

  1. Sign up below by using the form below. You’ll get access to our PWWB Grilling Series! Email updates, including sneak peeks to new recipes. You will be the first to hear about all things grilling this summer!
  2. Brush up on Grilling Basics – check out our Grilling 101 post, with tons of grilling tips, here.
  3. Get to Grilling! Make a PWWB Grilling Recipe (a great place to start is with any of our go-to grill marinades).
  4. Follow along on Instagram, where I’ll post demos of technique tutorials & show you what I’ve got cooking up on the grill!
  5. AND LASTLY…Share your creations! Any time you grill up a PWWB recipe, snap a pic of your grilled masterpieces & post it to your Instagram Stories or your main Instagram feed, tagging @playswellwithbutter, for a chance win your very own Weber Genesis II Gas Grill! This is the grill that I’ve used for the past 6 years, & I’m SO excited to share it with you this year. Enter as many times as you’d like between Monday, May 19th, 2021 & June 20th, 2021, trying a new recipe with each entry.

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Here’s what the PWWB community has to say about our Grilling Series!

All of my friends and I have become obsessed with your grill recipes! We all have a different one of your marinades in our fridge to have a bbq showdown tomorrow. Thanks for the amazing recipes.

– @marisssamumford

I am so excited about this! I KNOW I can grill without my hubby but for some reason I always have him do it! I’m so excited to finally master this skill!

– @gingerdwhisk

New to the page, loving it already! This might help give me some confidence to try grilling!

– @demi1220

I’m so excited for this! I loved this series last year too. Your marinades are on heavy rotation at our house.

– @ninjalauren2

Yay! I only started grilling myself a few years ago! It’s so great to not rely on my husband to do it all for me!

– @alg1113

Obsessed with all things grilled? Us too! Here are PWWB’s Top Grilling Recipes that you HAVE to try next!

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This year, the PWWB Annual Grilling Series starts on Wednesday, May 19th!

We’ll be walking through our very best PWWB grilling recipes & sharing tons of new & delicious recipes for you to try this summer too!

If you want to receive recipe updates & learn grilling tips beforehand, be sure to sign up for our Grilling Email Series above!

What has stopped you from grilling on your own in the past? Which grilling topic are you most excited to learn? What are your questions? Drop them in a comment below. I’m here to help you!! xx

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