Grilling 101: Learn How to Grill this Summer!

Grilling can be intimidating, but it's SO much easier than it seems - I promise! Grilling 101 is here to help you go from newbie to grill master in no time! From gas grilling to charcoal grilling, we'll cover everything you need to know to learn how to grill, plus tons of the grilling tips to get you started!

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In case you missed it!: This Grilling 101 series is part of the Plays Well With Butter Annual Grilling Series, a free content series dedicated to helping you find the confidence to really own your spot behind the grill this summer. Learn more about our 3rd Annual Grilling series or sign up below to get our best grilling tips straight to your inbox!

It’s no secret that grilling recipes are kiiinda our favorites here on PWWB – that’s exactly why we created the Plays Well With Butter Grilling Series! Years back, when we first launched the PWWB Grilling Series, I asked the our community over on Instagram whether or not you like to grill. You said you love grilled food but don’t yet feel super confident when it comes to doing the actual grilling.

You needed some help with grilling basics. Things like…

  • “I need help with lighting the grill without burning my eyebrows off!”
  • “Show us your entire grilling process, because I am intimidated!”
  • “Can you show us how to grill meat? how do you not turn a steak into a car tire?!”
  • “How do you grill veggies without burning them to a crisp?!”
  • “I don’t get the temperatures…like, it’s fire. it’s hot right?! haha…clearly my partner takes care of the grilling…”

Sound familiar? Good. You’re in the right place.

PWWB 3rd Annual Grilling Series – Tips for Gas & Charcoal Grilling, + TONS of Delicious Grilling Recipes!

To kick off our 3rd Annual Grilling Series, we’ve created dedicated posts that cover all of our very best grilling tips! This post is the jumping-off point to all the grilling basics you’ll need.

Think of it as your 101 Guide for…

Click on through to check out each of the posts! When you head out to your grill this summer, be sure to snap a quick pic of your grilled masterpieces & share them with me by tagging @playswellwithbutter.

Jess of Plays Well With Butter holds a set of grill tongs while grilling grilled shrimp skewers & a cob of sweet corn on a Solo Stove Grill alongside her husband Chris. Both Jess & Chris are seated behind the grill looking at each other, laughing, while Chris holds a beer in one hand. They are seated outside on their deck.

Ready to Get Grilling?

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Hi there, I'm Jess!

If there’s 1 thing to know about me, it’s this: I am head-over-heels in love with food. I’m on a mission to make weeknight cooking flavorful, fast, & fun for other foodies, & PWWB is where I share foolproof recipes that deliver major flavor with minimal effort. Other true loves: pretty shoes, puppies, Grey’s Anatomy, & my cozy kitchen in Minneapolis, MN.


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