pwwb let’s grill, girls! the modern gal’s guide to taking over the grill this summer

grilling season is officially HERE & i am ?? HERE ?? FOR ?? IT. ???

at my house, our grill is the center of our summer. (ahem…& our spring…& our fall…). whether we’re hosting a group of 20 people for a casual summer backyard party, or we’re throwing together a quick wednesday night dinner, we are always grilling once the weather turns.

BUT. it wasn’t always that way.

finding my place behind my grill.

for the longest time, i really didn’t believe that i had a place behind the grill as a woman.

it seemed so overwhelming (like…how do you even light the grill, let alone cook on it?!). & if i’m being completely honest, it also felt borderline scary (i mean…it’s literally playing with fire!).

in fact, i actually used to wait around for chris to get home from work (or happy hour, or class, or golf league…) so he could light the grill & cook us dinner during the summer months. the idea of him doing all the cooking all summer long seemed pretty awesome…until 8 pm rolled around & he was just leaving the golf course. #hangry!

it wasn’t until i jumped in & just started doing it that i realized how fun grilling can be. & now? grilling is hands-down one of my favorite parts of the summer season.

it’s time to flip the script.

earlier this spring, when i was planning my summer content for pwwb, i asked you guys what kinds of recipes you like to make on your grill.

you made it immediately clear that you share my love & excitement for grilling season, but, just like me up until 2 summers ago, you don’t feel entirely confident to hop behind the grill yourselves.

you need help with the fundamentals. things like…

  • “i need help with lighting the grill without burning my eyebrows off!”
  • “show us your entire grilling process, bc i am intimidated!”
  • “can you show us how to grill meat? how do you not turn a steak into a car tire?!”
  • “how do you grill veggies without burning them to a crisp?!”
  • “i don’t get the temperatures…like, it’s fire. It’s hot right?! haha…clearly my bf grills for me…”

& the list went on & on & on & on & on…

while these aspects of grilling seem so simple, as a woman i completely understand why it feels so freakin’ overwhelming. grilling is an activity that’s marketed to men, & it’s something we’re shown over & over again.

i mean…can you even count the number of commercials or glossy magazine ads you’ve seen showing a woman handing a platter of food off to the man in her life so he can grill it like a pro, with a pair of tongs in one hand & a cold beer in the other?

as women, we don’t necessarily envision ourselves behind the grill, which creates a lack of confidence to even give grilling a try.

& that’s exactly why i’ve created an entire grilling series for pwwb, centered around empowering you to find your place behind your grill this summer.

it’s time to kiss hey babe…you feel like grilling dinner tonight?” goodbye for good.

pwwb’s let’s grill, girls! the modern gal’s guide to taking over the grill this summer!

the plays well with butter let’s grill girls! series is ALL about prepping you for the 2019 grilling season. you’re not only going to learn how to grill this summer, but you’re going to seriously own your place behind the grill.

we’ll start by walking through some grilling basics. things like…

  • how to light your grill (…without burning your eyebrows off!)
  • (wo-)manning the fire to create different zones of heat (so your steak doesn’t turn into a car tire!)
  • which grilling tools are worth having on hand (& which ones totally aren’t)
  • how to clean your grill (so it burns evenly & efficiently all summer long)

& of course there will be an arsenal of foolproof recipes. things like…

  • not your mama’s grilling marinades
  • our favorite easy weeknight dinners (kebabs! teriyaki! stuffed burgers! beer brats!)
  • grilled pizza (without burning the eff outta your crust!)
  • (actually) filling vegetarian & vegan meals
  • & SO much more…(grilled fruit! grilled cocktails!! grilled desserts!!!)

i mean…is your mouth watering yet, or what?!

let’s grill, girls! is all about giving you the freedom & confidence to cook what you want, whenever you want it this summer. you don’t have to wait around for your husband/boyfriend/dad/significant other/partner/whoever to grill for you, because you can do it yourself. i’m seriously so excited, & can’t wait for you to join me.

how to join in on the fun:

FIRST! subscribe to receive pwwb let’s grill, girls! updates sent straight to your inbox. i’ll send you all of the grilling recipes & reminders included in the series so you can save them in an easy & convenient spot for referencing all summer long. subscribe below!


SECOND! come back TOMORROW for a rundown on grilling 101. i’ll walk you through how to set up & light your grill. we’re even going to go live on instagram to show you exactly how it’s done.

& FROM THEREkeep coming back every week between now & 4th of july for tutorials & foolproof recipes you can use all summer long.

LASTLY! whenever you hit your grill this summer, be sure to snap a selfie with your grill or take a quick pic of your grilled masterpieces. share them with me by tagging @playswellwithbutter – i can’t wait to see you behind your grill all summer long…& there may or may not be a GIANT reward in store for you! ?

let’s grill, girls!

got grilling questions? comments? recipe requests? drop them in a comment below. i’m here to help you! xo

Hi there, I'm Jess!

If there’s 1 thing to know about me, it’s this: I am head-over-heels in love with food. I’m on a mission to make weeknight cooking flavorful, fast, & fun for other foodies, & PWWB is where I share foolproof recipes that deliver major flavor with minimal effort. Other true loves: pretty shoes, puppies, Grey’s Anatomy, & my cozy kitchen in Minneapolis, MN.


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