Must-have Grilling Equipment: The Best Tools for Grilling at Home


Choose a grill. Get some grilling equipment. Grill delicious food. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well…kind of. How do you know which are the best grill tools to have on hand for grilling season? Which are absolute must-haves for grilling, vs. grilling equipment that’s nice to have in your grilling setup? Navigating these questions can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner griller. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the perfect place. Consider this your comprehensive guide to grilling equipment: we’ll walk you through all of our picks: must-have grilling tools & the best grilling gadgets.

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So what grilling equipment do you really need at home?

With so many grilling gadgets on the market, it’s hard to figure out which are truly necessary – the absolute must have grilling tools – vs. gimmicky grilling gadgets that are simply a just a bit extra.

The truth is, the best grilling tools help you navigate many of the common challenges faced by beginner grillers. Do you ever find yourself guessing if the grill is hot enough? Or wondering if your grilled chicken is actually cooked all the way through? Have you ever fumbled through lighting a charcoal grill? Or feel the heat after getting your hand a liiiittle too close to the flame?

Investing in some simple grilling equipment & grilling gadgets will eliminate all of these pain points, helping you grill with more confidence & ease this summer.

The Best Grill Tools to Have at Home

This list of best grill tools includes:

  • Temperature control, possibly the most important factor in grilling. Some simple grilling equipment to help you making sure your grill is hot enough & that your grilled goodies are cooked to perfection!
  • Must-have grilling gadgets for gas & charcoal grills!
  • Plus, other useful grilling tools & equipment! – While not completely necessary, these extra accessories will make life easier, & help you take your grilling game to a whole new level.

Let’s get to it!

Temperature Control

Aside from choosing your grill, the most important grilling equipment to consider adding to your set-up is a couple of tools to help you gauge temperature. 

While many grills come with built-in thermometers to indicate the internal temperature of the grill, it’s really useful to keep a couple of additional thermometers on hand.

With a couple of extra thermometers, you can better understand the temperature of different heat zones on your grill (hello zone grilling!). You can also precisely measure the internal temperature of the food you’re grilling. (Nothing’s worse than pulling a steak off the grill only to find out that mayyybe you should have pulled it 5 minutes earlier…)

Here are a few of the different grilling thermometers we always keep on hand:

#1: Grill thermometer gauge – You definitely need a grill thermometer gauge to measure the temperature of your grill. Many grills come with a thermometer gauge already built right into their lids. If yours does not, you will need to purchase one separately. This is a must! It’s one of the best grill tools you can own. We like these thermometers because they’re affordable & very easy to install.

It’s worth noting that a good oven thermometer also achieves a similar result, especially coming in handy if your grill has a hot spot or if you need to maintain a specific temperature in a specific area of your grill when zone grilling. Effective & inexpensive temperature control.

#2: Instant-read meat thermometer – An instant-read meat thermometer is also a must, especially if you don’t feel confident judging the doneness of meat by touch. If you’ve ever undercooked chicken or accidentally turned a steak into a car tire, a meat thermometer will seriously be your new BFF. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation. We love this instant-read meat thermometer because it is super fast & super easy to clean.

#3: Wireless digital meat thermometer – Lastly, if you’re feeling a little bit fancy, a wireless digital meat thermometer is a solid grilling gadget. I kinda rolled my eyes when Chris bought one – “Chris, do we really need a wireless thermometer?!” But I gotta say, it seriously comes in handy.

The probe of a digital meat thermometer connects to a monitor wirelessly, meaning you can monitor the internal temperature of whatever you’re grilling from a distance. There’s no need to keep stepping back to check on things in the grill if you have guests over (…or if it’s freezing/snowing outside #minnesotaproblems)!

We love this wireless digital meat thermometer specifically since it’s pre-programmed with USDA approved doneness temperatures for different types of protein (e.g. rare, medium, well done). Plus, it has an alarm for when that temperature is reached!

As I said, it’s a little extra, but it’s also totally worth the splurge, especially if you grill often!

The Best Grill Tools & Accessories

While there are a ton of totally unnecessary grilling gadgets out there, there is some grilling equipment we’ve added to our collection over the years that we can’t live without, usually doing so after having learned the hard way (like needing to relight charcoal 4 times on a windy day, or burning knuckle hair off (…ahem, Chris!), or tearing apart a perfectly tender piece of meat).

The grill tools below are our absolute go-tos for grilling with gas or charcoal. Learn from my mistakes! I promise these grilling gadgets will go a long way in helping you avoid some of the mishaps that have happened at our house over the years. They’re the best choices for at-home grilling equipment!

Must-haves for Grilling with a Charcoal Grill

While charcoal grills provide amazing smoky grilled food goodness, there are a few nuances to charcoal grilling that can be a bit intimidating for a beginning griller – like, lighting a charcoal grill & keeping it lit.

These two grilling tools make grilling with charcoal so much easier.

A 22-inch original weber grill sitting on a deck open to show a charcoal chimney with smoke coming out of it

#1: Charcoal chimney – A charcoal chimney is an absolute must-have grilling tool if you grill on a charcoal grill! It helps your briquettes or lump charcoal come up to temperature more evenly & more quickly. Plus, with a charcoal chimney, you can successfully light charcoal in pretty much any conditions. This was a serious game changer for us when we were trying to light our grill on the windy shores of Lake Michigan at our Milwaukee apartment. A good charcoal chimney is worth every penny!

#2: Lighter cubes – The first time I learned to light a charcoal grill, Chris laughed at me for being so afraid of a flare-up…but he then proceeded to almost burn his eyebrows off because he used WAYYYY too much lighter fluid. (#KARMA!) Jokes aside, if that sounds familiar to you, lighter cubes will be your new BFF. These cute little dudes help to light your charcoal grill without any lighter fluid. They’ll even catch flame when they’re wet! An absolute must-have for charcoal grills.

Must-haves for Grilling – Grilling Equipment you NEED, whether you grill with Gas OR Charcoal

Jess of Plays Well With Butter grilling kebabs on a gas grill and getting a hug from her husband Chris

#1: Grill brush – The #1 grilling gadget I cannot live without! Every time you start & finish grilling, you need to use a grill brush to scrape & clean debris from the grates. Keeping your grill grates clean is SO important. Not only will it prolong the life of your grill, but it also prevents food from sticking to the grill. You need to think of your grill brush as an investment. Going with a cheaper option here can lead to metal debris in your food (yuck/ouch!!), frequent brush replacement ($!), or damage to your grill ($$$!!!). We like this Weber grill brush because we own Weber grills & it is designed to work on their stainless & porcelain-coated cast-iron grates without damaging them. If you don’t own a Weber, do a little research to see what brush will work best for your brand.

#2: Grilling tongs – I know, I know: “Do I really need a separate pair of tongs for grilling?” YES. Yes, you do! One of the biggest mistakes people make when grilling is not having a pair of tongs specifically built for grilling. Grilling tongs are designed with a longer handle than standard kitchen tongs, which keeps your hands further away from the flames whenever you need to turn or adjust something on the grill. Trust me, they make flare-ups a lot less scary. We love these grilling tongs because they’re great quality (& you can’t beat that price!).

#3: Grilling spatula – Similar to tongs, a grilling spatula is designed with a longer handle for grilling. It’s another one of the best grilling gadgets to have. A grilling spatula will not only keep your hands safe but will also provide more leverage since you’re likely turning heavier items on the grill than you do in your kitchen. This grilling spatula is another great quality option at a steal of a price. (Psst…it even has a bottle opener for your favorite brew!!)

#4: Grilling gloves – Don’t grill gloves sound so damn extra?! I know. I thought the same thing until I realized how much easier everything was when I could move hot grill baskets, turn kabobs, etc., on-demand. With grilling gloves, you can adjust anything on the hot grill without fumbling around for tongs or trying to go in with bare hands. They make life so much easier. (A simple pair of leather work gloves also does the trick, so long as your work gloves don’t have any material that might melt.)

Other Useful Tools & Grill Equipment

There are a few other tools that we’ve found to make life around the grill a whole lot easier. While these not completely necessary or critical, I promise they’ll make your grilling experience a little more enjoyable!

A platter of grilled veggies with a sauce sits on a patio table with a pitcher of fresh lemonade and other foods

#1: Quarter sheet pans – Most of the time when we’re grilling out, prep happens in the kitchen & food is transferred between the house & the grill. Quarter sheet pans are convenient & perfectly sized for bringing things back & forth in one trip. Nordicware is forever my fave, but you can also find quarter sheet pans that may be a little more friendly on your budget.

#2: Grill basket – A grill basket is probably our most used grill accessory, especially when it comes to grilling veggies. A good grill basket will prevent smaller things from falling through the grates, but will also still allow veggies to get charred from direct heat. I love this grill basket because it’s extremely heavy-duty, which helps it to retain its heat really well.

#3: Stainless steel skewers – While wooden skewers will certainly do the trick, sometimes they can’t hold the weight of a hefty kebab (…& sometimes they get burnt to a crisp because you forget to soak them beforehand!). I love these stainless steel skewers because no soaking is necessary, they are heavy-duty & they have a flat profile – keeping your kebab goodies from rotating on the skewer every time you go to rotate them – don’t you hate that?!

Wrapping Up!

Once you’re set up with all the equipment you need, you’ll be ready to grill all summer long! 

Ready to Hit the Grill?

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