…lately – february 2019

oh hey there! taking a quick break from recipes to sit down & chat. it’s been a while! i’ve always loved the idea of doing some more personal posts here on pwwb, but never really nailed the timing of these things. i’ve dabbled with weekly (way too frequent for me, personally!), monthly (also felt too frequent at the time), & seasonally (too spread out – way too much to talk about in seasonal updates!). then…

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the ULTIMATE christmas cookie plate {my holiday baking list!}

welcome back for another treat week post!!! today we’re talking about a topic near & dear to my heart (& stomach…) this time of year: building the ultimate christmas cookie plate! be sure to keep coming back each day this week for easy, festive, & delicious holiday treat recipes & for ideas & inspiration for the most epic holiday cookie plate EVER! tips for building the ULTIMATE christmas cookie plate if you’ve been tuning in…

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so. today we did a thing!

plays well with butter on kare 11 news

well, this week kind of got off to a wild start! late on friday afternoon, i got word that i’d be talking through some thanksgiving turkey safety tips on behalf of honeysuckle white, pwwb’s exclusive brand partner for the thanksgiving holiday season, on kare 11 news! today! i prepped a few of the recipes from the 3-Hour Thanksgiving Guide over the weekend (btw, the guide is totally free & has a few incredible recipes that might not…

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this is 30.

well. i’m 30. *closes eyes & takes a deep breath* i celebrated my birthday over the long weekend, & here we are. i’m 30. i’ve been mentally preparing for this all year long, which, i realize sounds completely melodramatic. but i can’t help it. some people are really into milestones & reflections…& i’m totally one of them. & 30? it feels big. 30 marks the end of the first decade you really remember. sure, you…

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so…i’m hiring!

contact jess | plays well with butter food blog & food photography

so! we’re doing a thing today.  a thing that, if i’m being terribly honest, feels slightly uncomfortable to say out loud. but! i’m owning it. i’m admitting it.  i need some help. this year has been a super exciting one. i’ve grown a food photography business, which i don’t talk about around here too much, but i’m tremendously, uber proud of it! here we are, though. i need some help.  specifically, i need some back up in…

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how to build a valentine’s day care package for your niece or nephew!

how to put together a valentine's day care package for a niece & nephew. tips & tricks for aunties to spoil their favorite little ones, even from a distance

this post is brought to you in partnership with American Greetings. all opinions are my own. thank you, as always, for visiting plays well with butter & supporting the brands that support me! 💜 despite holiday season being behind us, january & february are a couple of my favorite months of the year. in our house, january has so far been a busy but totally joy-filled month. chris & i returned to minneapolis, after spending…

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our love story.

when people ask me how chris & i met, i can’t help but laugh. the short answer? we went to high school together. the long answer? our love story is something of a decade-long saga that could totally rival the plot of any freddie prinze jr. movie. & i honestly don’t know if i’m just moved by it because it holds an obviously special place in my own heart, but i think it’s the kind of…

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little celebrations lately: summer 2017

hey, hey! it’s been a hot minute since i just sat down & just talked to you. no crazy updates, no crazy announcements, no recipes. just you & me talking about what’s been going on lately. a date, of sorts. & something about the last couple of days leading into my favorite holiday weekend of the year seemed like the perfect time to do it. so, go ahead. grab a cup of coffee, or mix up…

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sweet peas meals is here!!!

Sweet Peas Meals | easy, balanced meal plans for families

ohemgeeeeee, you GUYS. today is SUCH an exciting day. today is the day! i’m so excited to announce that sweet peas meals is here!!! chances are, if we’ve seen each other or chatted in the last 6 months, the question “what have you been up to?” has come up. & chances are, i likely gave you some cryptic response about staying suuuuper busy putting together a meal planning service that i am helping two of…

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kind of major life update.

so, i kind of have a secret that i’ve been keeping from you. to say i’ve been DYING to tell you is a complete & total understatement.  are you ready for it? ok…here it goes:  last week, i put in my 2 weeks notice at my corporate job. holy shit.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yup.  june 30th is my corporate retirement date. (!!!!!!!!) starting july 1st, i’ll be pursuing my passion with food & beverage recipe development, content…

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