sweet peas meals is here!!!

ohemgeeeeee, you GUYS. today is SUCH an exciting day. today is the day! i’m so excited to announce that sweet peas meals is here!!! chances are, if we’ve seen each other or chatted in the last 6 months, the question “what have you been up to?” has come up. & chances are, i likely gave you some cryptic response about…
Sweet Peas Meals | easy, balanced meal plans for families

ohemgeeeeee, you GUYS. today is SUCH an exciting day. today is the day! i’m so excited to announce that sweet peas meals is here!!!

chances are, if we’ve seen each other or chatted in the last 6 months, the question “what have you been up to?” has come up. & chances are, i likely gave you some cryptic response about staying suuuuper busy putting together a meal planning service that i am helping two of my (omg!) biggest blogging inspirations create & launch. & chances are if you asked me for more details, i gave you an equally cryptic, twinkly-eyed “you’ll just have to wait & see! we’ll be sharing all of the details SO soon!!”

well friends. today is the day.

sweet peas meals is here! 

sweet peas meals is the meal planning service that jessica (of how sweet eats), maria (of two peas & their pod), & i have been working tirelessly to create & perfect for the better part of this year.

jessica, maria, & i joined together with the shared belief that sharing mealtime with your loved ones is one of the most important & fun rituals in our lives. in fact, that’s what plays well with butter is all about: helping modern gals & guys celebrate everyday moments with their loved ones over food every single day.

that said, despite being food bloggers, jessica, maria, & i also have the shared understanding that getting dinner on the table every night is seriously tough. you want to make sure your loved ones are eating wholesome meals, but your schedule is busy, you maybe didn’t have enough time to plan a menu for the week or organize a grocery trip, & now you’re left trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to put on the table for dinner tonight, & it all cycles over & over again tomorrow & the next day & the day after that.

i, for one, am all too familiar with the temptation of just having chris pick up chipotle after getting home from a long day of work & not wanting to have anything to do with cooking a meal from scratch.

so we get it. we really do.

& i’m excited to say, not only have we figured out how to help you out with this dinner dilemma every day, sweet peas meals has also grown to be something more amazing than jessica, maria, & i ever imagined.

there are a ton of meal plans out there, but as someone who is always looking to try something new to simplify my life a little bit, the thing that frustrates me about many of them is they only narrowly capture one of the aspects of my lifestyle. for example, yes, i’m interested in having a healthy & balanced diet, but i LOVE food & to cut out a certain food group or to say that nice cream or a protein cookie is real-deal dessert isn’t practical for me. yes, i’m busy, but i also can’t justify shipping a box full of groceries to my door on a weekly basis because running to the store myself is so much more cost-effective. yes, i have my own little family, but that doesn’t mean that i need tons of tips on how to feed kids or make boring meals because they’re kid-friendly.

we have worked so hard to make sweet peas meals relevant & helpful for all families, & that’s exactly the part of sweet peas meals that i love most. we understand that families are unique & that mealtime means different things to different people.

i mean, take a look at us for starters:

maria is a rockstar of a mom to 2 (handsome!) little boys & has been married to her hubby josh for almost 10 years. she loves cookies, but also loves fitness, & she balances her vegetarian lifestyle with serving her family meals that they’ll love & enjoy too.

jessica’s max is younger than maria’s boys (plus she’s got one on the way!), & while she can’t resist trashing up dishes to make them outrageous, she’s figured out how to balance that with her hubby eddie’s love for more traditional, conventional food.

& as for me, you know chris & i don’t have kids (unless you count pbr, which i totally do!), but we’re used to balancing a LOT: chris’ mba on top of his full-time job, the many different hats i wear running plays well with butter & other projects, constantly traveling to spend time with our family & friends, & trying to figure out how to stay healthy, happy & thrive in our young marriage through it all. oh, & we also, like, really love food – cooking together, entertaining our friends, & checking out all the newest restaurants around the twin cities.

even though we’re all so different & in different chapters in our lives, we are all united in the belief that mealtime is so important, that food should be seriously delicious, & that being busy doesn’t mean that its impossible to also feed your loved ones tasty, healthy food.

if any of this resonates with you, i absolutely encourage you to check out sweet peas meals today.

sweet peas meals is really special. the plans are full of recipes that will have you impressing your loved ones over & over again. the bonus materials we offer every single week will help to turn the time you spend in the kitchen & around the table into a daily celebration. the exclusive sweet peas community will give you access to ask questions & get to know two of the most talented & respected food bloggers out there today. you’re going to love it.

if you have any questions about the meal plans, feel free to let us know here, on instagram, or shoot us a note at [email protected]. jessica, maria, & i will be around all day to talk.

we can’t wait for you to join us!!!

Hi there, I'm Jess!

If there’s 1 thing to know about me, it’s this: I am head-over-heels in love with food. I’m on a mission to make weeknight cooking flavorful, fast, & fun for other foodies, & PWWB is where I share foolproof recipes that deliver major flavor with minimal effort. Other true loves: pretty shoes, puppies, Grey’s Anatomy, & my cozy kitchen in Minneapolis, MN.


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  1. 7.20.17

    this is SO exciting! congratulations girly! this looks fantastic, so happy all your hard work has paid off x x

  2. 7.18.17

    How cool!!!!

    • 7.25.17
      jess said:

      thank you sarah!!! xx

  3. 7.18.17
    Laury said:

    MANY congrats on this!!!!! How exciting! Best of luck … I can see how hard you worked on this!!!

    • 7.25.17
      jess said:

      thank you so much laury!!! it’s been a lot of work, but we’ve had the best time doing it!

  4. 7.17.17

    OMG Jess! That is SO exciting! What a HUGEEEE deal! I have been a longtime fan of both Two Peas and Their Pod and How Sweet Eats! So excited to follow you on this new journey! Congrats!!!!

    • 7.25.17
      jess said:

      thank you SO much, rebecca! it’s been an incredibly fun & rewarding project & we are all so proud of it!!! xx

  5. 7.17.17
    Hope said:

    Congratulations, Jess!!! I’m so excited about this! I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a huge hug, and celebratory glass of rose of course 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of the great content! Eeeek! I totally can’t contain my excitement!

    • 7.17.17
      jess said:

      thank you so much hope!!! it’s honestly been so exciting, i’ve been dying to share all of the details. i hope you follow along! (and heck yes to a big fat glass of rose girlfriend!!!)

  6. 7.17.17

    GIIIIRL I want to reach through the screen and squeeze you right now. CONGRATS! Everything looks absolutely beautiful! So proud of you xoxo

    • 7.17.17
      jess said:

      omg can i reach and squeeze you back?!?!?! thank you so so so much. your friendship and support continues to mean the world to me!!!!!

  7. 7.17.17
    Maria said:

    SO excited!! Love having you part of the Sweet Peas Meals team! xo

    • 7.17.17
      jess said:

      maria, thank you sooooo much. there’s no team i’d rather be on!!!! #dreamteam!!!