3-Hour Thanksgiving

Say goodbye to stressful holiday hosting with our PWWB 3-Hour Thanksgiving Guide! We've simplified your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebrations with our free 3-Hour Thanksgiving guide including a full menu, grocery shopping list, tips & more!
Dark-haired woman in a green sweater holds a plate of carved turkey, in front of a festive tablescape & a full Thanksgiving dinner spread.

Something sort of crazy happens this time of year. We turn our calendars to the brand new month ahead, November. Just like clockwork, a little bit of panic starts to creep in. Thanksgiving is 3-ish weeks away!

You see your favorite food magazines sharing the perfect way to make X, Y or Z. They somehow turn something so simple – like mashed potatoes! – into a giant production that messes up every pot & pan in your kitchen.

You see your favorite foodies sharing their holiday timelines. They turn Thanksgiving into this big fussy thing that takes weeks, &, in some cases, the entire month of November to prepare for.

Just like that, Thanksgiving begins to feel really overwhelming.

As that Thanksgiving overwhelm sinks in, you begin to worry…

  • what recipes should I make this year? (& will they even turn out??)
  • how much food do I need? (I’m feeding feed HOW many people, again??)
  • how the heck will I keep the turkey from drying out this year? (ahem…that is if I can figure out how to roast the giant thing in the first place??)
  • how will I choreograph the rotation of dishes that need to get in & out of the oven? (& will everything be warm when we sit down for dinner??)
  • what time do I need to start this day-long kitchen marathon??
  • & wait…HOW many people am I hosting again? (…no worries, it’s only the most important meal of the year!)

It’s seriously easy to get seriously overwhelmed. I know, because I’ve totally been there.

It’s time to kiss Thanksgiving overwhelm goodbye for good.

The first time I ever hosted Friendsgiving dinner was thisclose to being an absolute disaster.

Having just moved into our new apartment together, it was the first time Chris & I ever hosted a holiday dinner for our loved ones.

I put so much pressure on myself to be the perfect hostess that I foolishly decided to not delegate anything. (Bet you can see where this is headed?)

While we were prepping, Chris & I got into one of the biggest fights we’ve ever had (ugh!).

Less than an hour before our guests arrived, our kitchen nearly flooded after a little incident involving potato peels & the garbage disposal (…whoops).

I sat down on our kitchen floor, & I cried.

At that moment, the fun & the joy at the heart of the holiday disappeared. It was so stressful & so overwhelming. I never wanted to host a Thanksgiving dinner again.

Thanksgiving dinner spread (roasted turkey, carrots, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, gravy, desserts) arranged on a kitchen counter in a bright, white kitchen.

The good news? There’s an easier way. Hosting Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving!) doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful, or overwhelming.

The really good news? I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

3-Hour Thanksgiving, the ultimate guide for your easiest Thanksgiving yet.

3-Hour Thanksgiving is back, & it’s better than ever! I’m so excited, & I can’t wait for you to join me!

Dark-haired woman in a green sweater holds a plate of carved turkey, in front of a festive tablescape & a full Thanksgiving dinner spread.

Launched in 2018, I created the Plays Well With Butter 3-Hour Thanksgiving Guide with one goal in mind: simplifying Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is, no doubt, one of the most important meals of the year. Because of its importance, we easily fall into the trap of over-complicating it. We focus so much on all of the planning, prep work, & cooking that goes into the holiday, that we start to lose focus on what Thanksgiving is all about: finding gratitude for your life, & sharing it with your loved ones through a really good meal.

That’s where PWWB comes into the picture. 3-Hour Thanksgiving is the ultimate guide to your easiest (& tastiest!) Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner yet.

3-Hour Thanksgiving gives you everything you need to prep, cook, & serve Thanksgiving dinner in 3 hours or less. (& it’s totally FREE!)

A dark-haired woman in a green sweater seated at the head of a Thanksgiving table. She is serving herself no-stir pumpkin risotto from a pumpkin-shaped Dutch oven.
A bowl of brussels sprouts being passed across a Thanksgiving table.

This year’s guide includes several tried & true PWWB Thanksgiving recipes, plus a handful of brand new recipes that I cannot wait to share.

All of the recipes are tested, family-approved, DELISH, & very simple to make:

  • A stellar maple-glazed turkey recipe, plus tips for the BEST roasted turkey ever.
  • Chris’ famous buttermilk mashed potatoes, with a little bit of a PWWB twist  – everyone will rave about them!
  • A handful of amazingly easy & cozy fall veggie side dishes…& they’re so good, they just might steal the show!
  • & some optional bonus recipes like drinks, apps, & desserts to help take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level.
Dark-haired woman in a green sweater holds a plate of her Thanksgiving Dinner, in front of a festive tablescape & a full Thanksgiving dinner spread.

Plus, 3-Hour Thanksgiving comes with tons of amazing bonuses:

  • A full grocery list, getting you in & out of the store in no time.
  • A step-by-step checklist to keep you right on track the day of your big holiday dinner, plus some extra prep tips to make things even easier.
  • Tips to customize your Thanksgiving menu as needed.
  • Plus, tons of extra hosting tips, prep tips, recipe demos, & PWWB resources to help you host with ease this holiday season.
A group of hands reaching in with wine glasses to toast.

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I’m so excited for you to join PWWB in making this year’s Thanksgiving dinner your easiest yet!

Dark-haired woman in a green sweater holds a plate of carved turkey. Dark-haired man in a blue plaid shirt holds a pink casserole dish filled with buttermilk mashed potatoes. They stand side-by-side in front of a festive tablescape & a full Thanksgiving dinner spread.

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  1. 11.13.19
    Lori said:

    Spatchcock Turkey is the only way to roast turkey! So easy, fast, and moist. No flaky dried out turkey breast.