i am jess, a twenty-something gal obsessed with all things food, dining, & entertainment.

though i grew up in a household in which scratch-made family meals were the norm (thanks to my rockstar of a mom), my appreciation for food & for mealtime really took root when i started working in restaurants.

what began as a means to earn some extra spending money for college quickly ended up evolving into a full-on passion (& of course, not unlike any other teenage girl, the fact that cute boys work in kitchens certainly didn’t hurt).

since then, i’ve worked as a server in all kinds of restaurants: everything from fast food joints to seasonally-inspired resorts to fine italian dining.  all of these jobs have played an important role in my life by teaching me lessons.  after all, where else can you learn to gently finagle the old cork out of an impossibly expensive bottle of wine with a clunky wine key?  where else can you learn how to balance five plates on your upper extremities?  where else can you learn how to cuss in spanish?  where else can you learn how to fold napkins like a boss?  where else can you learn how to negotiate changes to an egotistic chef’s menu as per your customer’s request &/or allergies?

not many places – that’s for sure.

though there have been lots of silly little lessons, there have also been lots of learnings that have stuck with  me in a bigger way.  of these, the most important lesson i have taken away is learning that when you take the time to put your busy life on hold & sit down at a table with the people you love & together share delicious food & delicious wine, some of the petty & stressful things in life can melt into the background as you simply savor your company & your meal.

it is a pretty magical thing.

the idea of this blog came about a few years ago, when i decided to turn in my server’s apron for a corporate job.  i was surprised to notice the void i quickly felt, despite no longer having to work irregular hours serving customers who fall all over the spectrum between pleasant & crazy.  i turned to my own (albeit tiny) kitchen & taught myself how to cook, how to bake, & how to dine at home.

playing with butter is more than just a hobby – it is a way to allow my love for food & my love for people to continue to thrive.  thank you for joining me in my little corner of the internet.  i hope you come back soon.


all creations, writing, & photography on playswellwithbutter are my own unless otherwise noted.

jess | playswellwithbutter.comjess is a native wisconsinite currently residing in minneapolis, minnesota with her husband, christian.  aside from keeping herself busy in the kitchen, some of her favorite things include: sassy shoes, traveling, netflix marathons, deep-fried cheese curds (god bless wisconsin!), beyoncé, glitter, the green bay packers (double god bless wisconsin!), puppies, & damn good wine.

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