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Weber Genesis II gas grill shown on deck. In the background, a blossoming tree and a house with beige siding.

How to Start a Propane (Gas) Grill With and Without a Lighter

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To start a gas grill, you simply need to allow the propane (gas) to flow to the burners & light it up. Once it’s hot, & you’re ready to grill! 


Propane for the grill


Before You Get Started: 

  • Be sure to reference your grill’s user manual when you light it for the first time. The below steps serve as a great general guide, though your grill model & manufacturer may have other steps or precautions to keep in mind as you start your gas grill.
  • Make sure the propane tank is securely hooked up to your grill’s gas line. The hose is usually a simple screw-on valve.
  • Locate the electric starter, usually found on the front of the grill. Open the lid of the grill. If you push the electric starter, it should make a hollow “pung” noise or sound like the gas burners on your range clicking on. (Note: if your grill’s starter button is broken, it’s no problem at all. Simply use a long-handled lighter to start your grill instead – easy!)

How to Start a Propane Grill:

  1. Open the propane tank: Ensuring all of the burner knobs of the front of the grill are closed (or turned “off”), open the valve on the propane tank by turning it all the way counter-clockwise (remember – lefty-loosey!).How to Start a Propane Grill, Step 1: A woman's hand reaches to a propane tank attached to a gas grill, turning it to open the valve.
  2. Open a burner valve: Turn either the leftmost or rightmost burner knob on the front of the grill to high. Your grill may have a “light” or “ignite” setting – that works too. You may hear gas begin to flow out of the burner – that’s totally fine! (Note – if you are using a long-handled lighter instead of the grill’s electric start, you will want to turn on the burner nearest to the side of the grill with a small hole in the side of the bucket.)How to Start a Propane Grill, Step 2: A woman's hand reaches to open a burner valve of a Weber Genesis II propane grill.
  3. Press the electric start: A few seconds after you open up a burner, press the igniter/electric start button. The burner should flare on with a “whoosh” sound. If it doesn’t let the gas run for a few more seconds & try again. If you continue to have trouble starting your grill, DO NOT let the gas continue to run if you continue to have trouble lighting. Simply turn the burner off, close the propane tank, & try again. If you are using a lighter instead of your electric start: insert the flame end through the hole in the side of the grill, placing it next to the burner you turned on. You just lit your grill, congrats!!!How to Start a Propane Grill, Step 3: A woman's hand presses the electric start button of a Weber Genesis II propane grill.
  4. Light the remaining burners: with one burner successfully lit, light the remaining burners, repeating steps 2-3 on the remaining burners. You can light the remaining burners all at once.How to Start a Propane Grill, Step 4: A woman's shown opening the remaining burners of the Weber Genesis II to light the grill.
  5. Let the grill run on high for 10-15 minutes, charring up any residual food from the grates for easy removal. (Learn how to clean your grill in this post.) Once your grill is clean, dial the temperature back to your desired cooking temperature & grill your heart out! A woman's hand shown above an open Weber Genesis II, prepared for 2-zone grilling with one side of burners all the way open and the other side only part way open.
  6. How to shut off a gas grill: Shutting down a gas grill is as easy as turning the burner knobs off, then closing the valve on the propane tank by turning it clockwise until it is tight (remember – righty-tighty!).