3-Hour Thanksgiving
It's time to kiss Thanksgiving overhwelm goodbye.

Whether you’ve been hosting Thanksgiving (of Friendsgiving!) for years or 2019 will be your first time, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

There are so many factors to consider: what recipes to make, how much food do you need, how the heck to keep your turkey from drying out, how to rotate things in & out of the oven during your day-long cooking marathon...& so on. It’s seriously easy to get seriously overwhelmed.

Just because Thanksgiving is the most important meal of the year, doesn't mean it has to be stressful or overwhelming to host.

I've made it my mission to simplify Thanksgiving & help you avoid overwhelm this year. The Plays Well With Butter 3-Hour Thanksgiving Guide has everything you need for the easiest Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner of your life! (& it's totally free!)

The entire menu can be prepped, cooked, & served in 3 hours or less, & it's filled with recipes that your whole family will love. Plus, the guide comes with tons of extra bonuses, like a 3-Hour Thanksgiving timeline, prep tips, a full grocery list & more.

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