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i’m so freakin’ pumped to finally share with you something i’ve been planning for what feels like FOREVER at this point: january is salad month!!!


if you’re anything like me, the past month has been filled with an abundance of holiday cheer…in the form of cookies, cocktails, & cheese. which, i’ll be honest, is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. (i’ve never ever met a christmas cookie i didn’t like!)

by the time january rolls around, though, my mind & body both inevitably crave something a little bit lighter.

but! as someone with a weird history with food – someone who’s struggled with disordered eating through a vicious cycle of crazy, restrictive diets – this time of year can be a little bit challenging.

elimination diets & super restrictive programs seem to be everywhere, especially once january 1st rolls around. & honestly, they just don’t appeal to me at this point in my journey. it’s not that they don’t work or can’t be incredibly useful with the right mindset…if that’s your thing, you do you, boo boo! but for me? they’re just too restrictive – all i see are extra rules & restrictions that must be followed.

why should something you are trying to do to make yourself feel better feel so…heavy?! rather than focusing on what i can’t have, i’d rather put my energy toward giving myself more.


  • time {aka time not spent obsessing over what i can/cannot eat}
  • satisfaction {no leaving the table feeling hungry!}
  • fresh flavors & textures {from ingredients that seriously rock those so-freakin-good-for-you vibes}

& that’s exactly when i turn to one of my favorite foods of all time: salad.

hi, yes, you read that right. salad is one of my favorite foods. ever.

before you decide we can’t be friends anymore, allow me to explain…when i say salad is one of my favorite foods ever, i’m talking about good salad: big ass bowls of deliciousness that are good for you AND leave you satisfied & happy.

really…what’s not to love about that?!

january is salad month!!!

every thursday this month on plays well with butter i’ll be sharing a brand new salad recipe, featuring salads that are:

  • totally wholesome {chock-full of all the important macronutrients!}
  • so satisfying {no mid-afternoon hanger strikes here, gf!}
  • & perfect for meal prep {hello, easy weekday lunches!}

& a super fun bonus?! you can sign up below for free for weekly emails that’ll give you…

  • early access to the recipes! on sunday, 4 whole days before the recipe is published for the public, i’ll send you the january salad month salad of the week, right in time for grocery shopping & meal prepping. speaking of…
  • a bonus  grocery list & meal prep guide. i’ll tell you exactly what you need to pick up at the store to make the recipe, plus i’ll give you a step-by-step rundown about how to meal prep the recipe so your salad stays super fresh & delish all week long.

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  1. 1.3.19

    Ooh so excited for this! I love salads (big bowls of flavor and veggies, not just sad lettuce), and I’m always looking for new recipes and ideas. And I completely agree with your take on January. Give me all the light but flavorful foods and none of the overwhelming restrictions.

    xx Allison