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last week was a big one for me & chris.  we celebrated our one year anniversary! 

(& in case you missed it, the milestone put me right back into complete wedding-brain mode & i did a mini wedding series.  check it out! i shared our favorite wedding photos (courtesy of the fabulously talented ren of studio 29herehere are the seven ways we threw tradition out the window to make sure we did our wedding day our way (warning, this post may or may not contain grandmas so cute your head will explode. proceed with caution.). most importantly, the five biggest lessons we learned in our first year of marriage here.)

i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again: i just cannot believe how quickly the year flew by. within a year’s time we quit our jobs, packed up our lives, left our home sweet home in milwaukee, relocated to minneapolis, moved into the cutest duplex known to man, planned a wedding, got married, started new jobs, travelled the country. 

nbd just all major life changes within months. 

so far year #2 is proving to be just as nuts.  chris started an mba program this fall & i’m moving full steam ahead to make this blog hustle dream a reality. 

oh, & there’s also the fact that, uh…we bought a house(!!!!!!!!!!!!!). friday favorites 09.23.2016 via playswellwithbutter

you GUYS, i’ve been dyinggggggggg to tell you.

we have always hoped to purchase in the next summer or in the following year.  the housing market is crazy, especially in the neighborhood in which we hoped to buy.  so about a month ago, we thought we could be proactive & find a real estate agent. we wanted to get a head start to get educated on the process, as well as figure out our likes & dislikes so we could pull the trigger quickly once we found “the one” in a year or two.  

well.  1 week & 3 showings later we were putting in an offer on our dream home in our dream neighborhood. just goes to show that you totally can’t “not really” look for a house!  it’s an emotional process & it’s really hard not to get attached.  

our house is an adorable 3-bedroom cottage originally built in 1905.  & there are a lot of other blah blah facts that chris really enjoys hearing about, but allow me cut to the chase: it’s just stunning.  the last owners did some amazing reno work & many original aspects of the home have been well-preserved.  

the first level is an open-concept with oodles of natural lighting.  the living room flows into the dining room & the dining room flows into the most beautiful kitchen i could imagine spending hours cooking in.  from the dining room there are also  french doors that open out to a gorgeous patio area & great backyard for a puppy.  (stay tuned, larson dog coming in march EEEEK!!!)

we close in the middle of october (just a few weeks!) & will be brand new homeowners.  i can’t even believe it.  

so, things on our end are good.  really, really good.  if there’s anything i’ve learned in the past year (& there’s actually a lot), it’s that the cliché is totally true: when life rains, it pours.  & when life pours on the good stuff, no matter how crazy it might get, you gotta just let go & enjoy the ride.  

aside from new homeowner dreams, a few more things i’ve been loving lately include:  

still obsessed with red wagon pizza company.  can’t stop, won’t stop!  thank goodness our new house is still pretty close!  check out the 5 things you definitely need to order when you check them out!

fall is here (hooray) but it’s still regularly 85 degrees in minnesota.  enter apple cider margaritas.  perfectly fall.  perfectly refreshing.  perfectly boozy.  triple win.  yas please!

speaking of fall, my friend ellie is kicking things off with this kick ass salad.  it has maple tahini dressing.  that’s what’s up.  

we were traveling last week (more to come on that) but i brought along girl on the train because my girlfriends want to see the movie once it comes out.  i couldn’t put it down.  loved it!

still obsessing over all things related to football season.  like these grilled fries with herbs & lemon pesto aioli.  or some of these 35 treats my friend carly featured in a killer gameday round up?  or um, these pizza friggin onion rings!?!?!?  my packers had a sad day on sunday.  here’s to a big packers win this weekend!

who is getting the new iphone?  i’m obsessed with the rose gold 7 plus & i can’t wait to upgrade. on october 23.  not that anyone is counting down the days or anything.  

loving all things fall fashion!  i’ve toyed with the idea of doing a capsule wardrobe & think my fall/winter basics are totally a couple of really great turtlenecks (so versatile!) & a beautiful cropped trench.

& lastly, i’ve been loving how shrubs are popping up everywhere on cocktail lists.  their tang is perfection.  i’ve been trying to figure out how to make them at home & whipped up this vanilla plum shrub.  it’s currently soaking in my fridge & can’t wait to cheers to the new house with hubby tonight after work.  

what are your biggest plans for this fall?  have you ever bought a house before?  if so, what are the biggest tips you have for new homeowners?  i would obviously LOVE to know – comment below & let’s chat!

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  1. 9.26.16
    Melanie Herring said:

    Hi Jess!

    I used to work with your mom at Tainter and just recently moved back to the cities. Just wanted to say your blog is great! Love following it! Also, funny thing, I noticed Emily in some of your wedding pictures. I went to high school with her brother Zack. Small world. 🙂 Congratulations on the house, it is absolutely adorable.


    • 9.27.16
      jess said:

      thanks so much mel! welcome back to the tc!! where are you living? such a funny, small world, i can’t believe you know emily! she is my best friend & we went to college together!

      • 9.28.16
        Mel Herring said:

        Living in Bloomington, teaching in Mendota Heights! SO happy to be back! Especially for the FOOD! RL was a bit of a struggle in that department. 🙂

        • 9.28.16
          jess said:

          haha, i hear you. though i do crave casa mexicana, like, all the time. 🙂 welcome back!

  2. 9.24.16

    O goodness! Congratulations, Jess! xo

    • 9.25.16
      jess said:

      thank you rebecca! we are so, so excited!!

  3. 9.23.16

    Eeeeeeeeeeckkckkkk! That house is STUNNING. Oh my gosh, I am so so happy for you and Chris – congrats! And I also wish I had time to meet up for coffee this weekend… next time, I promise! Oh and obviously let me know if you’re ever in Chicago :))) Thanks for sharing my maple-tahini dressing!

    • 9.23.16
      jess said:

      eeeeeeeek! thank you, ellie! it’s been a whirlwind of a process but i can’t believe it. would obv LOVE to get coffee next time you’re in town. have fun this weekend!

  4. 9.23.16

    OH MY GOSH!! So exciting girl!! I wanna see pics of the kitchen haha! I can’t wait to purchase a house. Nice kitchen and natural lighting are a must! The housing market in crazy in Austin though, especially in our neighborhood. I quit my corporate job last year and my bf just ventured into starting his own company so the time isn’t quite right. But hopefully one day. Feel ya on the blog hustle life 😉

    • 9.23.16
      jess said:

      thank you kelly!!! i can’t wait to move in to do a house post. the kitchen is legit my fave part of the whole house! i have to visit you in austin – it’s been on my bucket list for awhile now!

  5. 9.23.16

    So excited for you guys!! The house is stunning!

    • 9.23.16
      jess said:

      thank you emma! we are so, so excited!