friday favorites | 06.17.16

summer is finally in full swing in minneapolis! 

this is admittedly a sentiment that any midwesterner, & especially any minnesotan, would usually be suspicious of saying out loud as there is always the chance that the last snow of the season might come late…but i’m feeling a little bold today & will just go out & say it:

summer is here. friday favorites 06.17.2016 | plays well with butter

our quiet little street gets busier this time of year.  we live pretty close to some lakes & parks that are frequented by locals from across the metro.  having the activity of foot traffic & a constant buzz of people headed off to enjoy the outdoors with their loved ones around us makes our home feel a little homier; like it’s our secret little spot amidst all of the excitement.

chris & i set up our first ever patio furniture (above – huge yay for no longer having to sit on camp chairs with tv trays!!! #adultingforthewin) & it has been amazing to be able to enjoy our dinners or have a cocktail together outside while enjoying the nice weather. 

i saw beyonce perform in minneapolis a few weeks back, which was a dream come true for this avid #beyhive fan.  she is every bit as fierce, beautiful, & hair-blowy as you’d imagine in person & watching her was almost a transcendent experience.  needless to say, i woke up the next day with no voice & very sore feet from singing & dancing my heart out.  #longhairdontcare #iwokeuplikethis

we’ve got a couple of high school graduation parties under our belts, which has certainly been nostalgic!  for the past couple of summers we’ve been so waist-deep in the wedding circuit (ours included!), that i couldn’t even tell you the last grad party i went to!  a refreshing change of pace indeed. 

coming up soon this summer we have lots of fun vacations planned: a trip to hawaii to visit family, a mini-moon to napa & the bay area, & a weekend in dc where chris will run a ragnar race & i will eat & drink my way across the city (such a supportive wife, i know!).

while all these travel plans are exciting & happy, i’ll absolutely be the first to admit that the next couple of “quiet” weeks before the madness of living out of a suitcase begins will be absolutely blissful.  so for now, you can find me snuggled into my corner of the world on my porch, enjoying the moment & in love with these quiet early summer days.

speaking of things that are blissful – a few favorites as of late include: 

  • pretty summer pies like this one & this one.  i’ve always pretty much been a fall pie kind of girl – apple pie is my jam.  but these beauties are drool-worthy & have me thinking its time to start experimenting with summer berries.  what are your favorites??
  • saloonbox.   remember the cocktail subscription box that i told you about a few weeks back?  well, it definitely was the perfect gift for chris’ birthday & the first of three boxes was just delivered.  we gave it a test run with a “muay thai” – tequila with a pineapple syrup, serrano peppers & some thai basil.  it was delicious.  can’t wait to see what comes next!
  • coffee, coffee, coffee.  always.  we recently upgraded our trusty auto drip machine with this bad boy – a kitchen aid auto pour-over machine.  i can say it’s easily the best coffee i’ve brewed at home.  it also has a self-timer, which is completely new territory for me & i’m still totally dorking out over it. 
  • & even though it’s summer, & summer means it’s iced coffee season (yay! my fave!), & iced coffee season means cold brewing up the wazoo, let’s face it: sometimes you’re lazy & you need coffee now, not 12 hours from now.  the pour-over coffee from the kitchen aid is excellent over ice…in fact, i’m using it this weekend to try this perfect vanilla bean iced coffee.
  • lastly, a quick psa…s’mores oreos.  yassssss…s’mores friggin oreos.  just do it.  (and then dunk them in your morning coffee…just saying…)

coming soon:

a quick stir fry that combines all the flavors of hawaii that i crave.

a kale pesto that will change your pesto game for good.

mouth-watering & healthy one-bit snacks.

the best damn pizza in mpls.

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