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i’m not sure about you, but this weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.  minneapolis has constantly been covered with overcast, rainy skies this week & i am beyond ready for some sunshine & some free time (& let’s be real – some cocktails, too).

like i mentioned last week, chris & i have reached the inevitable point in our year when summer really begins to ramp up & our weekend schedules are packed with tons of fun plans. 

this weekend is no exception.   we’ll be kicking things off tonight with a birthday celebration for chris, which, over the past few years, has sort of become a ceremonial tradition of gifts galore, cocktails a-plenty, & a steak dinner for two.   not going to lie, i’ve got some fun tricks up my sleeve (read on for the juicy details, but shhh don’t tell!) & we’re also trying out burch steak for the first time, so i am beyond excited. 

on saturday we will spend the afternoon & evening celebrating the marriage of our dear friends george & jenna (#hanzalsatlast – gosh, i just love wedding hashtags!).  we will inevitably wrap the weekend up with our sunday night tradition – a dinner date at red wagon pizza, our favorite local pizza joint (stay tuned…more to come on red wagon in the very near future!). 

anywhoo.  without further ado here goes the first edition of plays well with butter friday favorites – a curation of the random things loved & discovered throughout the week:

  • my obsession for this bulletproof coffee protein latte is getting a little out of control.  i urge you to make it, try it, love it, & repeat.bulletproof coffee protein latte | plays well with butter
  • my other obsession for aloha protein is also very real & runs deep.  for real – try this stuff…you’ll be hooked.bulletproof coffee protein latte | plays well with butter
  • on a coffee-related note, i am dying…like dyyyyyyyying…to try this mint mojito pourover coffee from i am a food blog.  it’s a riff on the mint mojito coffee from philz, which is all over ig & makes me drool every time i see it.  i can already feel many-a-summer-weekend-morning-to-come spent on my patio with my laptop & some of this magic.
  • does anyone else love trying out food subscription services? the newest box i’ve come across has me seriously so excited – i got chris a saloonbox for his birthday!!  our love of craft cocktails runs deep (we even had our engagement photos taken in one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall craft cocktail joints in milwaukee by our insanely talented friend-slash-wedding photographer, ren) & now we’ll get to take a crack at stepping up our home mixology game with 2 new cocktails delivered straight to our door every month.  whaaaaaat?  #bestwifeeverfriday favorites 05.13.2016 | plays well with butter
  • also crossing my fingers that chris shares with me this beautiful tattersall barrel-aged gin that i got him for his birthday as well.  he is a total scotch-aholic & general lover of all things whiskey, but when the warm months roll around he starts to crave gin.  the gin aficionado at our local liquor store told me that it’s not only hand-crafted here in minnesota but it’s also delicious – more complex & less pine-y & juniper-y than most gins…which means it’s probably right up my alley too.friday favorites 05.13.2016 | plays well with butter
  • a close girlfriend of mine came across this article, beautifully written by another local minneapolitan & it legit brought tears to my eyes: “sometime after my brash & fearless girlhood i became convinced that i was 100 percent inept, totally overrated by friends & family & completely unqualified for adult life in every way. ” – just…chills.  check it out & share with all your fierce lady friends!
  • & finally, to lighten things up, a friday funny for you:  i’m probably terribly behind on this, but perhaps one of my funniest girlfriends sent me this video, which just kills me every time.  it also reminded me of david after the dentist from like 7 years ago, which also just kills me every time.  what we would do without youtube, i don’t even want to imagine. 

i hope you have an amazing weekend, friends!  whatcha up to?

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