3-Hour Thanksgiving

GUYS! today’s the day, today’s the day!

i’m SO excited because today’s the day i finally get to share with you the giant secret i’ve been plotting & planning & testing for months at this point: this year, we’re doing Thanksgiving dinner in 3 hours.

…no, you didn’t misread that. we are totally doing Thanksgiving dinner in 3 hours this year, start to finish, prep work to plating. & i’m so freaking excited about it.

it’s time to kiss Thanksgiving overwhelm goodbye 

when i was brainstorming plays well with butter’s holiday content for this year, i asked you guys about your biggest pain points with planning & hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner.

one response kept coming up, over & over & over again: overwhelm.

whether you’re planning Thanksgiving dinner for your family or Friendsgiving dinner for your chosen family, there are SO many factors to consider, like figuring out:

  • all the recipes you want to make (…but will they even turn out?!).
  • how much food you need (…you’re feeding HOW many people, again?!).
  • how to navigate the grocery store during the holiday rush (…& inevitably making a last-minute emergency run because you forgot something…).
  • how the heck to avoid totally drying out the turkey, let alone roasting it in the first place (…but wait, did you remember to defrost that on time!?!?).
  • how to carefully choreograph the rotation of dishes in & out of the oven (will everything still be warm when you serve it?!).

…& on top of all of those overwhelming mealtime logistics is the day-long cooking marathon.

oh, & the little fact that you’re hosting more people than you normally do for one of the most important holiday dinners of the year.

um, if that’s not overwhelming, i don’t know what is.

& you know what? i get it. GAWD, i so get it. i’ve totally been there. 

the first time i ever hosted friendsgiving was this close to being a disaster. i put so much pressure on myself to be the perfect host that i (foolishly) decided to not delegate anything (i bet you know how that went for me, ha!). while we were prepping, chris & i ended up getting into one of the biggest fights we’ve ever had. oh, & our kitchen nearly flooded after a little incident involving potato peels & the garbage disposal (whoops).

so when i say i get Thanksgiving overwhelm, i totally get it. & when i tell you it’s so super easy to avoid all of that overwhelm, i absolutely mean it.

& guess what?! i’ve already planned it all out for you. i’ve created the ultimate easy Thanksgiving resource for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinners this year: plays well with butter’s 3-Hour Thanksgiving Guide.

3-Hour Thanksgiving: everything you need for an easy Thanksgiving…and it’s totally FREE!

3-Hour Thanksgiving: the ultimate guide for your easiest Thanksgiving yet. prep, cook & serve Thanksgiving dinner in 3 hours or less!

the pwwb 3-Hour Thanksgiving Guide is totally FREE & it has everything you need for the easiest Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner of your life!

the entire menu can be prepped, cooked & served in 3 hours or less, & it’s perfect for feeding 8-10 people, with tons of tips & suggestions for feeding more.

the guide includes all brand new recipes that i can’t wait to share with you! all of the recipes included are tested, family-approved, & easy to make:

  • a stellar maple roasted turkey + gravy recipe, plus tips for the easiest roasted turkey ever
  • chris’ famous buttermilk mashed potatoes, with my little twist  – everyone raves about them!
  • 2 seriously cozy fall veggie side dishes (& they’re SO good. you’re gonna want to make them again & again!)
  • plus, my secret little Thanksgiving weapon…it’ll make you re-think cranberry sauce forever

all of these recipes will be shared on plays well with butter over the course of the month, of course, but signing up for the 3-Hour Thanksgiving guide gets you early access to them. you get to see them first!

plus, the guide comes with tons of amazing bonuses, like:

  • a full grocery list, so you don’t forget anything you need
  • a step-by-step checklist to keep you right on track the day of your big holiday dinner, plus some optional prep tips to make things even easier on the day of
  • bonus recipes for an easy appetizer, a festive cocktail, & the best Thanksgiving dessert ever, plus some fun & festive ideas for using up those Thanksgiving leftovers

sign up to receive your FREE 3-Hour Thanksgiving Guide by simply filling out the form below!

i’m so excited for you to join me in making this year’s Thanksgiving dinner the easiest yet!

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