friday favorites | 06.17.16

friday favorites 06.17.2016 | plays well with butter

summer is finally in full swing in minneapolis!  this is admittedly a sentiment that any midwesterner, & especially any minnesotan, would usually be suspicious of saying out loud as there is always the chance that the last snow of the season might come late…but i’m feeling a little bold today & will just go out & say it: summer is here.  our quiet little street gets busier this time of year.  we live pretty close…

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friday favorites | 05.13.16

friday favorites 05.13.2016 | plays well with butter

tgif!!!  i’m not sure about you, but this weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.  minneapolis has constantly been covered with overcast, rainy skies this week & i am beyond ready for some sunshine & some free time (& let’s be real – some cocktails, too). like i mentioned last week, chris & i have reached the inevitable point in our year when summer really begins to ramp up & our weekend schedules are packed…

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bulletproof coffee protein latte

bulletproof coffee protein latte via playswellwithbutter | a dreamy, creamy latte that is beyond delicious, of satisfying protein & healthy fats, & completely easy to make at home via

bulletproof coffee protein latte.  a dreamy, creamy latte that is beyond delicious, chock-full of satisfying protein & healthy fats, & completely easy to make at home with no fancy equipment required.  oh, & it only requires 4 simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand.  do i have your attention yet? i first heard of bulletproof coffee a few years back.  a former co-worker, who was super into nutrition & even jumped on the paleo…

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the ultimate cheese board gift basket

the ultimate cheese board gift basket | plays well with butter

this weekend was a busy one – it completely (& sadly) flew by!  between watching chris run in his first ever half marathon & hosting the in-laws, practically every moment was jam packed with places to be & people to see.  for a homebody like me it was quite a change of pace from recent weekends, which have for the most part only blissfully involved parenthood marathons on netflix & ice cream on our sofa. …

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bogart’s doughnut co. | mpls

bogart's doughnut co. via playswellwithbutter | delicious donuts hand-made in the heart of south minneapolis

remember that show “wife swap”?  in the event that you’re not the reality tv junkie that i proudly am, it was a terrible reality show on abc that aired when “survivor”, “big brother”, “trading spaces”, & “american idol” were on the rise & other pretty garbage reality concepts started creeping out of the woodwork.   the premise of “wife swap” is simple:  the producers of the show would find two moms with differing philosophies on…

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